The Liquid Chef: Mixology Techniques


Modern Mixology offered by CREA is a one-of-its-kind course designed to teach you the techniques of a true legend, Liquid Chef Junior Merino.

In this course, you’ll experience tutorials on different Latin spirits and how to blend diverse flavors transform into elegant, well-balanced cocktails.

Soon, you’ll be able to create mixology masterpieces like South of the Rio, Avocado Mezcal, and Coming Up Roses, that have managed to attract an A-list of celebrity fans.

About The Course

Watch as Chef Junior Merino, the Liquid Chef, takes you on an exciting journey through Latin-inspired mixology techniques and innovative recipes. You will learn to re-create award-winning cocktails revolutionizing the world of mixology and culinary art.

About Junior Merino

Best known as the founder of the Liquid Chef, Junior Merino is a master mixologist and culinary expert whose passion and creative intuition is revolutionizing the art of mixology.

About CREA

Centre de Recherche et d’Études pour l’Alimentation (CREA) launched the slow-cooking revolution when it opened its doors in Paris more than two decades ago. Since then, we've trained chefs from some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants in the art and science of sous-vide.